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Testimonials                                                          Roger, I have observed your website! Very nice! May I make a suggestion that you add a Testimonials page where you can put quotes from those you have worked wit?! I would love to be the first to submit a testimonial about you! You are an angel... thank you so much for helping me to understand!
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I have come quite a little way! My meditations and intuitions have actually produced true and confirmed insight for a few individuals close to me. It is an intriguing feeling and comforting to really feel like it is a real and I am not just crazy! Any how, you were really the one who got me started down this road and I just wanted to share with you the results of my barely started journey!                God Bless, Miranda

I had a reading with Roger and he was spot on fantastic! Roger is a pleasure to work with. He really enjoys his work and he's really good at it. Roger appears to have a clear picture of the other side and describes what he's seeing. He's phenomenal! The reading began with Roger nailing everything. I started to wonder if Roger was hearing my thoughts because he was repeating what I had been privately communicating to my loved one on the other side. He's that good, maybe even better.posted on Apr 17, 2013 by William Hall

Roger is absolutely Amazing!  I feel so grateful to have found him.  It is without a doubt that this man has a true gift. 
My first reading with Roger was during a time of confliction with my life path and career and as I sat in the parking lot of the medical manufacturing site I worked at to take my call with Roger one of the first thing he asked me was if I worked in Healthcare!  He then went on to mention a job I would get and 2 weeks later I received a job offer from a job that had been in the works for 4 months and I had almost given up on.  The rest of my reading remains to be seen but I am very hopeful and it brought peace to a lot of anxiety I was feeling.  I went in to my reading with an open mind and a calm spirit ready to receive but was also prepared to be let down as I had been by so many who walked before him by their claims of an ability that they clearly did not have.  Within the first 10 minutes of speaking to Roger I knew he was the real deal.  I had written down my questions on a piece of paper which he could not see because my reading was over the phone and asked my guides to help him with the answers.  Without me even telling him my questions he started answering them one by one and I stared at my paper in awe.  I left my reading feeling like Roger truly cared and loved what he does, this is more than a business to him he is truly helping people. I didn’t feel rushed, he took a little extra time to help clarify some things and I truly appreciate that.
I had planned to have another reading after I settled at my new job but soon after I lost a dear family member very close to me unexpectedly which turned my world and my heart upside down.  Desperate to reach out to them the first thing I thought of was Roger can help!  I immediately reached out to him to find out the amount of time that needs to pass before you can contact a spirit and scheduled the reading.  Selflessly I felt my mother needed the reading more than me at the time so as a birthday present I bought her first reading with Roger.  She called me excited right after and told me all the things Roger had said and the things our deceased loved one had passed on to him, things there was no way of him knowing unless he was truly connecting to their spirit.  And even a surprise visit from my grandmother who passed 11 years ago from cancer whose death my mother has really struggled with. This reading for my mom was such a godsend to me and my family.  We now have some questions answered as well as some peace.
Although I am very spiritual I am also very analytical with a logical mind and if I was not 100% sure that Roger is the real deal I would not be writing this Testimonial.  I am truly amazed at the talent and ability that Roger possesses and will continue to recommend his services to everybody I know.  For any skeptics out there I am here to tell you it is worth it and you won’t regret it!  Roger is the best Medium I have ever had a reading from. Thank you Roger for all you do, you are a true blessing! Jen
Another 5 Star Review - "Roger tuned in and picked up on exactly what I needed to hear. He has a beautifully easy going yet direct style and I just want to give him a big thank you." - Joanne
"Roger was very professional, down to earth and very comforting. He brought up areas of my life that had been troubling me before I could even say a word. I would recommend getting a reading with Roger if you're looking to connect with a loved one who has moved on or are interested in getting some guidance from the other side. Thanks for the great reading!"  ~ B.K.
"Roger is a wonderful medium who possesses a great gift. He connected with my Guides as well as with some beloved family members who had passed in the recent past as well as my father, who died when I was a young child. You don't have to tell him anything at all - just let him drive and he will help you reconnect with those you have loved and lost. He is truly compassionate and a wonderful conduit to the other side. I highly recommend him!"  ~ B.B.
   Roger is uniquely gifted. He can clearly see to the depths of your soul. This brings in a more complete and accurate reading. He is clearly able to see your physical and spiritual causes of ill-health. By his level of enlightenment, he brings in compassion, humility, and understanding. This enables him to be effective as a reader as well as a healer.
    Roger can take you through anything from guided imagery to chakra clearing. He knows what is needed at the time of each reading. Every reading has been vastly different.
   Roger is also a teacher. He is able to give you what you need to help yourself in your journey of self-discovery, reflection and spiritual growth.
                                                                         C. Nolan
"Roger is a gifted intuitive and psychic.  During his Energy Scan with me, I
loved the accurate information that he shared about me and the message he
gave from my grandmother.  Additionally, it helped me avoid a potential
issue that was developing and in releasing further old issues.  His heart is
wide open and sincerely dedicated to lovingly uplifting humanity!!"  Dan
Hanneman "The BlockBuster" - Creator of the Energy Scan Technique -
Roger, thank you for the wonderful session for my daughter.  The experience was both enlightening and spiritual.  The information you were able to give me and that I was able to connect with was just what I was looking for.  I called upon my grandparents, one from each of my parents  and you quickly picked up on both without me telling you who I called upon to be around us.  Thanks so much for a wonderful reading! - Melissa M. :)  
"Roger was very professional, down to earth and very comforting. He brought up areas of my life that had been troubling me before I could even say a word. I would recommend getting a reading with Roger if you're looking to connect with a loved one who has moved on or are interested in getting some guidance from the other side. Thanks for the great reading!"  ~ B.K.
  • " Dear Roger,   I thought that the Energy Scan that you gave me was great.   You were spot on with so many things that are going on in my life.   You have a very strong, yet peaceful presence about you, and I thought that you initial prayer was a very good way to start off the process.   Your insight into my health problems was amazing and you were able to give me good advice on how I can move forward in order to overcome the problems I have been having with my skeletal system after a bad fall some years ago.   You were able to tell me that although the main problem is with my shoulder, my hip being out of alignment was causing the situation to be worse.   This was amazing as I hadn't mentioned to you anything about either my shoulder or my hip, I just said that I was having  problems after a fall.  I am now sure that if I concentrate on getting my hip better aligned, this will in turn help me with my shoulder.   Thank you Roger and best wishes for all that you do."
  • Just wanted to say a big thank you for the healing session. I was amazed at what came up. I felt so calm and free after. Looking forward to speaking to you soon. You have a beautiful gift. lots of Love & Light Majellaa
  • "Thank your so much for the wonderful Emotion Code Session you gave me.  I found it a fascinating experience and it certainly helped me a great deal to understand the reasons behind my health problems.   Keep up the good work, Roger, as you will be able to bring clarity and help to many people with this fascinating system.   With Love and Light, Dorothy"
  • I was not in need to be connected with my loved ones, even though they were there during the session but to get advise from my guides about where I was,
     if I was taking the right decisions and the next steps to carry on with. Roger answered all of my questions, doubts, needs of confirmation and clarification, calmly, with softness, humor and love. The session left me a feeling of joy, clarity and satisfaction. Thank you Roger and Lots of Love :)
  • Kind Regards,
 Thank you Roger for the amazing reading yesterday! I did figure out who the lady with the little white dog was. I feel very comfortable talking with you! Almost like you are an old friend. If you do find your way up to Mt. Rainier please stop in Olympia. My husband and I would love to buy you dinner. I wish the best for you where ever your life may lead you! Lots of love and blessings! Amy

My angels directed me to Roger and I'm so happy they did. I instantaneously felt what a good person Roger his, is voice is so kind and calm and I truly believe my angels were speaking through him. He doesn't need much direction, he can feel/see what's going on in your life and he will tell you what he's being told by spirit guides/angels. Now I know that when I struggle to hear answers/guidance from above, instead of getting frustrated I can call Roger, and it's like being a phone call away from Heaven! This is so reassuring and so real that I went to bed smiling last night and woke up smiling today, and that didn't happen for a long time. Thank you Roger, we'll speak soon.

I had a reading from Roger and am really grateful for what I received. This is a place where I do not only receive a reading, but feel cared for and that is a great experience. Thank you!

Roger was truly the best medium That has ever read for me. He was very accurate and very in tune with his guides and angels. He helped me figure out some real deep issues in my life and I am now on the road to healing. Thanks and God Bless! Tami

 I am from Australia and am very impressed when I had a reading via e-mail with Roger. His timing was spot on as to when I would receive the e-mail. Time will tell as to accuracy but I would recommend this sight to anyone. Thanks again.

For those o you that have received guidance and healing and desire to express graitude you may. There is no gift to small or to large now or in the further! thank you


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