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Are you in need of and desire healing in any or all aspects and levels of yourself and your life? spiritual, mental, emotional and physical ? If so, it is my Privilege, Joy and Honor to help and assist you in discovering, resolving and healing the core, cause, effect, memory and record of your dis-ease and assist and help you live in the solution and not the problem.

MY STORY                                    
Let me tell you a little bit about myself and my experience. As a youth I was interested in God and spiritual matters and was intuitive and saw angels and  spirits. However, that all faded as I got a little older and no longer thought about it much. In my teens, I was really drawn to animal, especially horses and dogs. They were my best friends and I eventually became a horse trainer and farrier, a profession which I did for many years and loved.
Then in 1988, at the age of 29, my life changed. In that year, my sister committed suicide and the same month, my oldest brother was diagnosed with AIDS. In 1991, my mother died and three months later my father died. A year later, my second oldest brother had a severe heart attack and forty days later my oldest brother died of a heart attack. My whole life as I knew it changed. I no longer wanted to live. I prayed and was told I have a purpose. It is to share my experience, strength and hope with others, to serve as an instrument for the Higher Good in this world and help all who ask.
That was the beginning of my own spiritual healing, soul awaking, spiritual journey and . I have now been doing readings and spiritual, mental, emotional and physical healing for twenty years including working with , grief, addictions, relationship and sexual issues.



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